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Welding Technology (A.A.S.)

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A.A.S. Degree

Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Welding Technology is designed to train students for employment in the welding fields as a structural steel detailer, trade welder, engineering aide and sales engineer. This program also prepares students for rapid advancement to inspection, shop planning, supervision or one of the many related fields. This program emphasizes hands-on training in multiple welding styles and develops technical knowledge of blueprint reading, layout, metallurgy and manipulative welding skills. Students planning careers in welding need manual dexterity, good eyesight and good eye-hand coordination. Students should have the ability to concentrate on detail work for long periods and be physically able to bend, stoop, and wear protective equipment.

Required Equipment Needed by Student

  • Welding Helmet and Lens
    (1 #10 Shade Lens and 6 clear Plastic Lens)
  • Safety Glasses with Side Shields
  • Full-Length Leather Welding Gloves
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Wire Brush
  • Pliers
  • Work Clothes and Work Shoes
  • Welding Cap
  • Welding Coat (Leather recommended)


No student will be permitted to weld without the proper safety equipment, work clothes, or work shoes. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College does not provide the required safety equipment.

Career Opportunities

  • Welder
  • Structural Welder
  • Production Welder
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspector
  • Assembler Welder
  • Foreman
  • Instructor
  • Maintenance Welder

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  1. Apply technical knowledge needed in work situations which involve the welding of materials.
  2. Apply the skills necessary to handle welding and testing equipment associated with the various methods of welding.
  3. Select the appropriate tools and equipment to perform specific welding operations.
  4. Execute mechanical skills in an effective manner to perform a proper weld.
  5. Use welding tools and equipment in an effective and safe manner according to manufacturer’s recommended procedures.
  6. Interpret and relate welding symbols and joint geometry information to established work patterns.
  7. Communicate effectively to solve problems and seek appropriate guidance when confronted with a problematic situation.

Obtaining the Degree

To earn the Associate of Applied Science degree, students must:

  • Matriculate into the program.
  • Satisfactorily complete all degree requirements, including General Education and Major Requirements.

Social Science Electives (Choose one)

(See Social Science Track I and Social Science Track II under Liberal Arts and Sciences for course options)

Credit hours: 23

Credit hours: 37

Recommended Sequence of Courses

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