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Survivability and Information Assurance Institute (SIA)

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Program Description

The Survivability and Information Assurance (SIA) certificate program addresses individuals with a technical orientation interested in enhancing their skills and career opportunities associated with protecting critical information on computers, distributed systems, and networks. Students enrolled should have a minimum of two years experience in installing and maintaining computer systems and networking infrastructure components, managing user accounts and files, and a basic knowledge of Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

The SIA certificate program curriculum goals are to improve the state of the computer and network systems management practices used in enterprise. Students learn how to think about information assurance (IA) within an enterprise system and how to integrate security policy, practices, and technologies into an operational infrastructure. Resulting skills are those necessary for recognizing, resisting, and recovering from attacks on networked systems.

Career Opportunities

  • Computer Security System Administration
  • Computer Security Consultant/Analyst
  • Technical Manager
  • System/Network Administrator

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize attacks on networked systems.
  2. Demonstrate skills necessary to protect corporate enterprise systems from networked attacks.
  3. Demonstrate skills necessary to recover from networked attacks.
  4. Analyze the interaction of various practices with respect to patches, attacks, and intrusions.
  5. Apply a new survivable functional unit to new or existing networks.

Obtaining the Certificate

To earn the certificate, the student must:

  • Matriculate into the program;
  • Satisfactorily complete all certificate requirements.

Typical Sequence of Courses


* SIA210 Principles Survivability Information Assurance and SIA220 Information Assurance Networking Fundamentals can be taken concurrently.

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