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2009 - 2010 Catalog 
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General Studies

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Program Description


The General Studies certificate is designed for those who do not plan to attend the College for a two-year period, but would like to stay for one year (or 30 credits). It offers students the opportunity to explore the curriculum and discover a variety of possibilities for future careers and future educational pursuits. After completing the one-year program, they may choose to stay and work towards the associate degree in General Studies.


Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to acquire knowledge through critical reading and listening.
  2. Develop analytical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems.
  3. Use organizational and planning skills and principals for effective indivdual and social decision-making.
  4. Communicate clearly, both orally and in written form.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of aesthetics and develop an appreciation for the creative process in art, music, literature, and language.
  6. Integrate diverse disciplines.
  7. Transfer to a four-year or other institution of higher learning.

Obtaining the Degree

To earn the Associate of General Studies Degree, the student must:

  • Matriculate into the program.
  • Satisfactorily complete all degree requirements.

Typical Sequence of Courses

Semester I

Total Credits (7)

Semester II

Total Credits (7)

Semester III (Summer)

Total Credits (3)

Total Credits (6)

Semester V

Elecive Science 4 Credits
Elective Social Science (Track 2) 3 Credits

Total Credits (7)

Minimum credits to earn certificate: 30

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