Jan 20, 2021  
Student Handbook 
Student Handbook

Students Rights and Responsibilities

By becoming members of the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College community, students assume the responsibility to observe and help maintain standards of personal behavior that make a positive contribution to the College community. As a Pennsylvania Highlands student, you are expected to:

  1. Respect the College’s commitment to academic integrity and uphold the values of honesty and responsibility that preserve our community;
  2. Behave in a manner that is temperate, civil, and respectful of the rights of others;
  3. Behave in a manner that recognizes and respects individual differences, supporting an appreciation for diversity as well as inclusiveness;
  4. Do no harm and help to maintain the safety and welfare of the campus community by reporting unusual or dangerous behavior;
  5. Recognize that you are a part of the Pennsylvania Highlands community, and demonstrate civic and social engagement and responsibility;
  6. Accept personal responsibility for your learning, behavior, and future success.