Jun 24, 2019  
Student Handbook 
Student Handbook

President’s Message

Dear Students:

Welcome to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, and thank you for opening your new Student Handbook and beginning to take a look at content that can be very valuable to you as you navigate through your academic careers.

One thing to remember is that a key indicator of student success is a student’s involvement in the institution beyond the confines of the classroom. Simply put, students who get involved in extra-curricular activities-student government, clubs, honor societies, athletics-, who take advantage of the College’s services-such as tutoring, counseling, advising, financial aid-and who interact with faculty outside the classroom are those most likely to meet with success in their academic careers and, ultimately, go further in their occupational careers as well.

It is also important to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a student of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, so you can make the most of your education.  We provide a wide variety of services-tutoring, counseling, career services, and so forth-that can improve your opportunities for success and help you build an even stronger resumé when it comes time to seek employment after graduation.

So, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook. Get to know who we are and what we have that can make your time at Pennsylvania Highlands both more enjoyable and more productive.

And, please, if there is anything you need, any problem you need assistance with, don’t be afraid to ask. Our faculty and staff are here to help you make the most of your educational and extra-curricular experiences.

And if something isn’t working the way you think it should be, let me know. And I’ll do my best to make it better.


Dr. Walter J. Asonevich,