Jun 26, 2022  
2009 - 2010 Catalog 
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President’s Greeting

To all Pennsylvania Highlands Community College students I extend a hearty welcome.

Pennsylvania Highlands is truly becoming the public college of the region with a mission to serve the educational and workforce training needs of the Southern Alleghenies region of Pennsylvania. We have brought together a highly dedicated faculty and staff whose primary objective is to ensure that you receive a quality education in our classrooms and laboratories and excellent customer service from all of the auxiliary areas of our institution. We are dedicated to the task of broadening the mind—to getting you ready, not only for a place in America’s workforce, but also to getting you ready to face the myriad challenges that the rest of your life has waiting for you.

As Pennsylvania Highlands’ fourth president, I have made it my goal to make Pennsylvania Highlands a household word throughout the Southern Alleghenies region. I would like it to be difficult for anyone to work anywhere in Cambria County without coming into contact with a Pennsylvania Highlands graduate. Beyond that, I would like to see large numbers of Pennsylvania Highlands graduates working in Blair and Somerset and Bedford and Huntingdon and Fulton counties and in the other counties on Cambria County’s borders as well as in every state in the nation.

I believe we already provide excellent educational opportunities and other services to make attending Pennsylvania Highlands a wise investment in your future. However, we need your assistance if we are to reach my goals for this fine college. Please be our eyes and ears and let us know what we are doing well—as this will inspire us—and let us know what we need to do better, or even, what we need to do that we are not doing, so we may serve you and our future students even better.

It is our pledge to make your time spent at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College rewarding and memorable. We value the important role that you have in the success of our College, our community, and our region’s economy. We will help you build a better future for yourselves; please help us build a better college for you and those who follow you. And, thank you for choosing to Climb Higher at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.


Walter J. Asonevich