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2014 - 2015 Catalog 
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Admissions Policy

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College grants admission to individuals who have successfully earned a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) equivalency and who the College considers eligible to benefit academically from admission. Individuals age eighteen or older who have not earned a high school diploma or GED equivalency may be admitted to the College if they are able to demonstrate their ability to benefit from a college experience. After successful completion of thirty (30) credits, students may be able to apply for a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Certain academic majors may have additional admissions requirements which must be fulfilled in order for an individual to matriculate to pursue a specific degree, diploma, or certificate.


Matriculation indicates that a student has been formally accepted to the College and is pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate. To become matriculated a student must complete the admissions process, declare a major, and work with an academic advisor. To earn a degree, diploma, or certificate from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, a student must complete the matriculation process. Only matriculated students are eligible for financial aid.

Admissions Policy for Matriculated Students

In order to attend Pennsylvania Highlands on a full-time basis, a student must be admitted to the institution. Students not admitted to the College are limited to only attend part-time.

Process for Degree, Diploma, or Certificate Seeking Students

  1. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office by telephone, office visit, or email to discuss programs, majors, financial aid, and educational goals. This helps to provide complete and thorough information about the College and ensure accuracy in the application process.
  2. Prospective students are required to complete an Application for Admission and remit a $20 non-refundable application fee. An online application is available via the College’s website, just click on the “Apply Online” button.
  3. An official copy of the high school transcript or GED scores must be sent to the Admissions Office. Students who apply during their senior year of high school must also have an official copy of their final transcript sent upon graduation.
  4. Applicants with prior college credit must have official copies of transcripts sent from all institutions attended.
  5. Upon completion of the application process, an acceptance letter will be issued and students will be required to complete placement testing to measure proficiency in English, reading and mathematics. This requirement may be waived for students who have successfully completed prior equivalent college credits in these areas, have SAT scores of at least 500 in writing, reading, and math, or by other means as determined by College administration.
  6. Upon receipt of placement scores, students will be eligible to register for classes.

Process for Non-Matriculated Students

Students who choose not to seek a degree, diploma, or certificate are considered to be non-matriculated students. Examples of prospective students in this category are those attending the College for personal enrichment and visiting students completing credits for transfer to their home institution.

  1. Prospective students are required to complete a Non-Matriculation Form and remit a $20 non-refundable processing fee. The form is available online via the College’s website, just click on the ” Apply Online” button.
  2. Non-matriculated students are not required to submit transcripts.
  3. Non-matriculated students are only required to complete COMPASS testing when planning to enroll in English or mathematics courses. This requirement may be waived for students who have successfully completed prior equivalent college credits in these areas.
  4. Upon submission of the form and fee, non-matriculated students are eligible to register for classes.
  5. Non-matriculated students are only permitted to register for a part-time credit load and are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Declaring a Major

Matriculated students must declare a major on the initial Application for Admission. Some programs of study have additional, specific admission requirements.

Admission of High School Students

High school students may complete courses at Pennsylvania Highlands during their junior and senior years to earn early college credits. In addition to completing the non-matriculated student application process, prospective students in this category must submit a recommendation from their high school principal or guidance counselor. This process must be repeated for each semester in which a student intends to enroll while they are in high school. High school students who wish to enroll in English or mathematics courses must complete placement testing via the processes noted above prior to registration to ensure they have had adequate preparation for college-level coursework.


Matriculated students who previously attended Pennsylvania Highlands but have not completed coursework for two consecutive semesters must apply for readmission to the College. Payment of the application fee is not required for students applying for readmission.

Advanced Placement Admission

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College maintains articulation agreements with numerous secondary schools. Students who have attended these schools may be eligible for advanced placement credit in our programs. Prospective students from these schools are encouraged to work with their guidance counselors to formulate a plan for earning advanced placement credit. Additional information on this program may be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office.

Admission of International Students

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College welcomes applications from international students. These students are required to complete the Admissions process three months prior to the semester in which the applicant plans to enroll. In addition, the student must submit a copy of his/her VISA to the Admissions Office. Please note that Pennsylvania Highlands does not assist international students with obtaining a student visa. International students are treated as non-residents of the State of Pennsylvania with respect to tuition and fees. Questions regarding the acceptance of international students should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Pennsylvania Highlands may require the following information from an international student seeking admission:

  • A certified copy of the original educational records to include all previous academic experiences.
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Scores.
  • Financial Statement indicating the student has sufficient funds to cover tuition and fees.
  • Student Medical Form completed and signed by a physician.
  • Responsibility Statement from a United States Citizen stating that the citizen agrees to accept responsibility for sponsoring and assisting the applicant in completing his/her educational objective.