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2012 - 2013 Catalog 
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Career Services


Career Services is responsible for two major functions: career services and transfer services. Our staff provides career counseling and career planning assistance designed to help students in the career decision-making process. Located in A110 of the Richland Campus, we work with students to identify a career goal, build a career plan, and gain the appropriate academic experience to experience career success. To achieve these goals, Career Services provides career assessment, one-on-one counseling, career development workshops and job placement assistance. For students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, we aid in searching for and selecting schools.

Job placement is another key area of activity. Career Services is the destination place for job openings and non-credit internships. We encourage students to develop a solid resume and submit it to us for critique. The resume will be kept on file to refer to employers when appropriate job openings occur. Local job vacancies are posted in Career Services, and students are welcome to drop in to check the posting books for part-time opportunities. All career development services and resources are provided free of charge to optimize students’ success in reaching their career goal. To take advantage of these services, visit Career Services or contact our office to make an appointment.

Career Assessments and Interest Inventories

Career counselors assist students exploring career choices by administering a career assessment. These inventories ask questions to help students identify their unique skills, interests, and abilities, as a clue to possible career paths. These instruments are not tests and are features of an overall process of information gathering and research that can be useful in choosing a career goal and you academic major.

Career Development Workshops

A regular schedule of career workshops is offered to help students develop job search skills, perfect their resume and cover letter writing, and develop interview techniques. In addition to these recurring core workshops, Career Services sponsors special topical programs, business speakers, and other events like mock interviews, to enable students to sharpen their job seeking skills, professionalism, and knowledge of the world of work.

Career Counseling

When students visit Career Services, their work with a counselor begins with a conversation about why they have come and what they desire to accomplish. Students are asked to provide information that will help in choosing services, beginning a career plan, developing a resume, searching for employment or exploring the college transfer process.

Career Exploration

Finding a career path starts with answering questions about yourself. However, gaining experience in a “real” work environment through internships, part-time employment and shadowing, is critical to making informed career decisions. Career Services also sponsors career fairs and business information sessions with employer representatives. Our counselors can direct students to online resources that summarize hundreds of occupations in various fields.

Job Placement

Job Postings

The Career Services Center maintains a job bank of current job openings, both in print and electronic forms, and works with individual students wishing to identify and apply for part-time or full time employment. You can find current job openings posted under the Career Services section of myPEAK. Notebooks containing weekly job opportunities in clerical, information technology, business and office administration categories, are housed in our computer lab and are regularly updated.


The College believes strongly in internships as an excellent way to apply classroom learning, gain work experience, and develop valuable employability skills. Career Services facilitates opportunities for non-credit internships and welcomes student inquiries.

Career Information Resources

We house a growing library of resource material, including books and software on career planning, resume writing, cover letters, and navigating through the job market.

Computer Lab

Career Services maintains a computer lab to enable the accessible and convenient availability of career information, self-assessment inventories and results, resume writing assistance, and other services. Students are encouraged to visit our lab to use the resources made available for career development.

Transfer Services

Credits earned at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College may be transferred to four-year institutions. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has agreements with schools that accept our credits in a variety of ways. Some schools accept the degree to place the transferring student in junior year classes within the same program of study. Other schools choose to view each course separately for evaluation of the transfer of credits.

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor during their first semester or as soon as they begin to consider transfer. It is in each student’s best interest to work with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and the institution to which they intend to transfer early and in tandem to ensure a successful transition. Each student is responsible for obtaining information about the intended major from the college or university one plans to attend. Using this information, the academic advisor will be able to guide the student to an effective academic plan while at Pennsylvania Highlands.

Students should direct questions about transferring to Career Services. While walk-ins are welcome, it is advisable to make an appointment. Planned meetings increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the service requested.

Transfer Events

Every fall and spring semester Pennsylvania Highlands hosts colleges and universities from throughout the region for a Transfer Day event, allowing interested students to network with college recruiters and collect important information concerning a variety of institutions.


Pennsylvania’s community colleges and the universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) have adopted mandatory equivalency standards for the purpose of creating at least 30 credits of foundation courses that can be easily transferred between any of the participating institutions. Several private colleges and universities and state related institutions also participate in this program.

The Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) web site was created to provide information for transfer students and their advisors. The site includes information about transfer course equivalencies, college profiles for participating institutions, searchable databases, and transfer guidance.

For additional information, please visit the website at www.patrac.org